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If You’ve Been Charged With A Crime, You Need A Lawyer With A History Of Acquittals

Our team has won major acquittals for clients throughout Nassau, Suffolk, and the 5 boros.

The experienced attorneys in house and of counsel to MK Law provide vigorous and effective representation for defendants charged with any type of crime in Federal and State court.  Our lead criminal defense attorney, Mr. James Toner, Esq. has won acquittals and vacated/reversed judgments for clients in felony and misdemeanor cases, including charges of homicide, assault, DWI, sex crimes, and white collar offenses. 








We Know How Criminal Court Systems Work

Each criminal case is led by Mr. James Toner, who has been successfully defending people charged with serious crimes for over 30 years. Our team explores every avenue of defense, thoroughly evaluating police reports, interviewing key witnesses, and gathering critical facts and evidence. We analyze every aspect of our clients’ situations to build successful cases and ensure that constitutional rights were not violated.

Our Attorneys Represent Defendants in All Types of Criminal Matters

No case is too big or too small for our team.  Call MK Law today to discuss your matter.

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